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Vacation Rentals Near Seaworld Orlando | ILoveVH

Vacation Rentals Near SeaWorld Orlando: The Best Vacation Home Rentals Near SeaWorld!

Taking a family vacation to SeaWorld Orlando? Let ILoveVH help you book a luxury vacation home your family will love. SeaWorld is one of Orlando’s top theme parks, where unforgettable wildlife encounters meet wild rides and attractions. From cute and cuddly penguins and seals, to the fast and ferocious Mako roller coaster, SeaWorld has something for everyone. And so does ILoveVH.

Whether you’re looking for the sensibly sized and priced luxury of a condo, or to go all out with massive multi-family estate home, ILoveVH brings you the best selection of Orlando, Florida vacation home rentals near SeaWorld, so you can have the best vacation ever. Because how you stay is as important as how you play. And with ILoveVH, you can stay in style, comfort, and luxury. Read on to see how you can have the SeaWorld vacation of your dreams with a dream vacation home from ILoveVH.

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Why Rent A Vacation Home Near SeaWorld Orlando?

SeaWorld has long been a favorite destination for wildlife lovers.

But while it still features unforgettable animal shows, exhibits, and encounters, SeaWorld has recently undergone something of a sea change.

Today, the park is one of the premier thrill ride destinations in America, thanks in no small part to its newest roller coaster, Mako, being named the country’s top coaster by USA Today.

And with attendance up to nearly 5 million visitors a year, SeaWorld is giving Orlando’s other major parks a run for their money.

Of course, with rising attendance at the park comes rising attendance at nearby hotels, as well as, you guessed it, rising rates.

But you don’t have to brave a sea of tourists, or drown in high rates, to find great lodging near SeaWorld.

With ILoveVH, you can find the privacy, comfort, and luxury you deserve just steps from the park.

Keep reading to learn 5 reasons why you should rent a vacation home near SeaWorld Orlando.


1. Priva-sea

As SeaWorld grows in popularity, so too do the hotel crowds.

And that can really crowd out the fun of your vacation.

Because after wading through a sea of tourists at the park, the last thing you want to do is compete for space in crowded lobbies, jammed parking lots, or around packed pools.

But it’s not just strangers with whom you have to compete for privacy at the hotels.

As much as we love our families, it’s important to have personal space to recharge for another day of family fun.

But with mom, dad, and the kids all sharing a 300-square-foot hotel room, not to mention a single bathroom, a long vacation can leave you longing for the privacy of home.

And with ILoveVH, that’s exactly what you get.

Our selection of vacation home rentals near SeaWorld Orlando give you all the privacy of home just minutes from the park.

Say goodbye to the hotel crowds and hello to tranquility, in a community with a small-town feel and natural setting.

Moreover, with ample bedrooms and bathrooms, you can say goodbye to family squabbles and hello to harmony.


2. Convenient Locations

Vacation rentals are sometimes stereotyped as less ideally located than the hotels.

But ILoveVH isn’t your stereotypical booking company.

We hand select our vacation rentals for quality, price, and convenience to attractions.

Thus, we have amazing, affordable Orlando, Florida vacation home rentals within walking distance of SeaWorld.

But that’s not all you’ll find nearby.

Located in the heart of the Orlando tourist district, these homes boast ease of access to a wealth of other attractions, including Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and International Drive.

Just the latter could occupy you for a whole vacation, with the highest concentration of attractions anywhere in Orlando.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find along I-Drive:

  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum
  • the world’s 7th-tallest Ferris wheel, the Wheel at Icon Park
  • Fun Spot Orlando amusement park
  • Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
  • WonderWorks interactive science museum
  • the world’s largest McDonald’s
  • the world’s tallest chair-swing ride, Starflyer


3. The Comforts of Home With a Side of Magic

One of the best reasons to rent a vacation home is, well, the vacation home!

If you’re tired of the same old small, smelly, stained hotel rooms, it’s time to upgrade your lodging, and upgrade your vacation, with ILoveVH.

Our selection of Orlando, Florida vacation home rentals near SeaWorld are real, high-end homes by renowned builders.

You’ll enjoy all the creature comforts, from luxury finishes to updated appliances, to oversized bedrooms and beds, walk-in closets, fully equipped kitchens, formal dining spaces, in-house washers and dryers, and more.

But just when it starts to feel too much like home, our rentals hit you with something magical.

Whether it’s themed décor, state-of-the-art game rooms, or in-house movie theaters, you’ll find an array of optional upgrades to put you in the vacation mood.


4. Fun and Practical Community Amenities

When you rent a vacation home rental with ILoveVH, you don’t just get a range of luxury amenities inside the home.

Our selection of rentals near SeaWorld are located behind the gates of premier resort-style communities.

These resorts were designed to maximize the magic of your Orlando vacation.

Behind their gates, you’ll find a full range of resort-style amenities, including heated pools, waterslides, lazy rivers, splash parks, playgrounds, picnic pavilions, walking trails, sports courts, golf courses, and more.

Need to put the fun on pause to check in with the real world?

Our lineup of communities aren’t just for vacationers; some people live there.

Therefore, as well as being designed with the vacationer in mind, they were also designed to help you meet the demands of today’s fast-paced world.

Whether you need to get some work in at one of their internet-equipped meeting spaces, get in a workout at one of their well-appointed fitness centers, or stick up on floss at the sundry shop, you’ll find everything you need to maintain your good habits.


5. Designed for Safety

In addition to amenities that help you have fun and stay productive, our lineup of vacation rental resorts boast amenities designed to keep your family safe.

Because while a vacation is mostly about having fun, for parents, when it comes to family vacations, it’s safety first!

These resorts give you peace of mind you won’t find at the hotels.

Enjoy the added security of private driveways and garages, Ring doorbell cameras, gated entrances, and security guards on duty 24/7.

Moreover, our selection of vacation home rentals near SeaWorld are in the heart of Orlando, Florida.

Thus, if anything goes wrong, you’ll be just minutes from world-class medical attention courtesy of the extensive Advent Health network of care facilities.


Make The Most Of Your Vacation: The Best Things To Do Near SeaWorld Orlando

vacation home rentals near seaworld orlando

Nestled near International Drive, SeaWorld is just minutes from many other top Orlando attractions.

Therefore, when you stay near SeaWorld with ILoveVH, you stay near a world of entertainment.

Read on to find out about 5 of the best things to do near SeaWorld!


1. Discovery Cove

Owned by SeaWorld, and tucked less than a mile away from the park, Discovery Cove offers one of the most unforgettable vacation experiences imaginable: the chance to swim with live bottlenose dolphins!

It’s a nice experience for the dolphins, too.

Dolphins are naturally curios, playful, and quick to form bonds with people.

But Discovery Cove goes above and beyond to make them happy.

The park features a 2.5 acre saltwater habitat designed to help the dolphins feel at home.

Also included at the park are the Grand Reef, where you’ll find white sandy beaches above water and tropical fish below, the Freshwater Oasis, a free-flight aviary with thousands of exotic birds, and more!


2. Aquatica

Located just across from SeaWorld, you’ll find SeaWorld Aquatica.

SeaWorld’s water park isn’t just another SeaWorld attraction; it’s one of Orlando’s top parks, period.

At Aquatica, you can cuddle with cute penguins one minute, and rise to the challenge of hair-raising water slides the next, for a day of both aww and awe.

The park features a lush setting and an array of exotic animals for a transportive tropical getaway right in the heart of Orlando, and right down the street from your rental!


3. International Drive

This 4-lane thoroughfare runs 11 miles through the heart of the Orlando tourist district, and is lined with some of Orlando’s most beloved attractions.

From Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, to Fun Spot Orlando, to the world’s 7th-tallest Ferris Wheel, the Wheel at Icon Park, International Drive promises fun for the whole family.

And best of all, with our selection of Orlando, Florida vacation home rentals near SeaWorld, all the fun, food, and fashion of International Drive is within walking distance!


4. Universal Orlando Resort

While Disney World may be Orlando’s official home of magic, universal studios is home to the magic of the movies.

Here you’ll find high-tech motion simulators and high-production shows that let you live your favorite films.

Looking for more old-school thrills?

Next door at Universal’s Islands of Adventure you’ll find some of the top thrill rides and roller coasters in the country, including the Incredible Hulk Coaster, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall, and the brand-new Velocicoaster.

As well as it’s two main parks, Universal Orlando Resort boasts one of the top water parks in Florida.

At Volcano Bay, you’ll find cutting-edge water rides like Maku, a first-of-its-kind raft raft slide, and the Krakatau Water Coaster, as well as old-school attractions like a lazy river, wave pool, and several serpentine body slides.


5. City Walk

Looking for something to do near SeaWorld that’s more affordable than the theme parks?

Or maybe you’re looking for more adult-friendly fun?

You’ll find both at City Walk!

City Walk is a pedestrian-friendly shopping, dining, and entertainment complex located right between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

But you don’t have to pay for park admission to get into City Walk.

In fact, you don’t have to pay at all!

With free parking and entry, City Walk lets you enjoy a lively atmosphere, complete with live music and great people-watching, all in a unique theme-park setting and free of charge!


Rent Your Vacation Home Close To Where You Need It!

vacation rentals near seaworld

Want to include other stops on your itinerary?

Let ILoveVH help you find the best-located rental for all your vacation destinations!
See All The Resorts Rentals Orlando Florida


Vacation Rentals Near Orlando FL

Orlando is more than just theme parks.

With a vibrant and active arts community, rich sense of history, and renowned culinary scene, Orlando has a vital culture all its own.

Staying near Orlando gives you access to a world of entertainment, shopping, and dining in this great world city.

However, due to zoning restrictions, the nearer you get to Orlando the harder it is to find vacation rentals.

That’s where we come in.

As Orlando’s premier booking agency, ILoveVH can help you find the best home for your needs – from condos, to townhomes, and even single- and multi-family homes – in or near Orlando.
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Vacation Home Rentals Near Disney

Want to stay near the happiest place on earth?

Whether or not you plan to visit the park, Disney’s happiness is infectious.

From Disney-themed shops and restaurants, to billboards advertising the parks, and even Mickey-shaped infrastructure, everything is a little more magical near the Walt Disney World Resort.
Walt Disney World is the number-one theme park in the world, and with good reason.


Vacation Home Rentals Near Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios may be Orlando’s second-most popular theme park, but when it comes to location, it beats Disney by a mile.

Universal Orlando Resort, home to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, is located near International Drive in the heart of the Orlando tourist district.

Here you’ll find an array of world-class attractions, including Fun Spot Orlando, Icon Park, SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Volcano Bay.
See All Vacation Home Rentals Near Universal Studio Orlando


Vacation Home Rentals Near Orange County Convention Center

Big business convention coming up?

If you’re planning a working vacation to the Orange County Convention Center, let ILoveVH help you find the perfect balance between business and pleasure.

Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned for certain in recent years, it’s that working from home actually, well, works.

But if you can’t be at home, you can at least be at a home – with ILoveVH.
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Vacation Home Rentals Near Orlando International Airport

Part of having a great vacation is having a great end to your vacation.

Because while it may be a bummer to transition back to workaday life, we can at least hope for a smooth transition.

But missing your flight home is not a smooth move.

And even if you make it, the anxiety of getting everyone up and out the door on time is enough to ruin your last night of vacation.

Don’t lose sleep, and certainly don’t miss your flight.

With ILoveVH, you can have a blast all the way to the bitter end.
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Rent Your Vacation Home By Type

Whatever kind of property you’re looking for, ILoveVH can help you find it just minutes from SeaWorld.

With homes ranging from chic apartments to sprawling estates, and with all manner of amenities, ILoveVH brings you Orlando’s most diverse selection of rentals so you can stay your way.

Check out some of our most popular options at the links below.

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Rent Your Vacation Home By Amount Of Bedrooms

A condo can be ideal for empty-nesters and retirees, but with options ranging up to 4 bedrooms, many of our condos give you more than you may need.

Likewise, you may think you need a single-family home for your family vacation, when in fact you could save on your stay with a condo or townhome.

In short, searching by home type can bring up lots of homes that don’t meet your needs.

But when you search by number of bedrooms, you get straight to the heart of the matter.

Because while the type of rental you choose is important, at the end of the day, it’s a place to sleep, and a good nights sleep is key to a great day’s adventure.

1 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando FL
2 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando FL
3 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
4 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
5 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
6 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida
7 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
8 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
9 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
10 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida
12 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida
14 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida


Enjoy Your Vacations: Meet The Best Resorts Near SeaWorld Orlando For Rent!

With ILoveVH, you don’t just get a vacation home rental; you get a whole vacation home community!

Our rentals are located inside luxury resort communities, where all-inclusive convenience meets vacation extravagance.

These resorts boast generous packages of amenities, from practical perks like gated entrances and meeting rooms, to fun-filled features like water parks, sports courts, parks and playgrounds, arcades, and more.

ILoveVH has personally picked Orlando’s best vacation rental communities near its best points of interest, including SeaWorld.

So what are you waiting for; explore these premier Orlando resorts from the comfort of your computer and find your luxury vacation lifestyle today!

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See All Vacation Homes For Rent In Orlando, FL!

Still piecing together your perfect Orlando vacation?

Want a little inspiration?

Finding your rental first and planning your vacation around it can be a fun way to experience new and surprising things.

Because as the vacation capital of America, you can’t go wrong with any of Orlando’s world-class parks or attractions.

And with ILoveVH’s handpicked inventory of rentals, you can’t go wrong with any home.

So take the leap and browse our full selection of Orlando vacation rentals today.

You have nothing to lose, and the vacation of a lifetime to gain!
The Best Of Orlando Vacation Rentals


See The Best Vacation Rentals Near Universal Studios Orlando And Book Today!

seaworld orlando vacation rentals

So, if you’re looking for Orlando, Florida vacation home rentals near SeaWorld, ILoveVH can help you master your vacation with a great handpicked home.

Because you wouldn’t take to sea without a seaworthy ship.

Don’t take to your SeaWorld vacation without a SeaWorld-worthy rental.

Book with ILoveVH today!

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