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Orlando Townhouse Vacation Rentals | Best Deals With ILoveVH

Orlando Vacation Townhouse Rentals: The Best Townhouse Vacation Rentals!

Looking for an Orlando vacation rental that lets you stay in the middle of the magic without breaking the bank? Let ILoveVH introduce you to our premium selection of vacation townhouse rentals in Orlando, Florida. With a townhouse, you get square footage and in-home amenities comparable to a single-family home, at prices closer to a condo. And with ILoveVH, you get to choose from a curated collection that features only the best Orlando townhouse rentals in the best vacation communities.

Because whether it’s a family vacation, anniversary, business, or any other reason that brings you to Orlando, FL, a townhome rental makes a flexibly priced, flexibly located way to stay. But only one booking company brings you the best-priced, best-located, and overall best townhome rentals in Orlando – ILoveVH.

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Why Rent a Vacation Townhouse Rental In Orlando?

Staying in a vacation home rental is the best way to maximize the magic of your Orlando vacation.

But finding the right home for your needs is just as important as finding a home in the first place.

Too small and you might as well cram the family into a hotel room.

Too big and you’re paying for square footage you don’t need.

But with an Orlando townhome rental from ILoveVH, you get a home that’s sized, and priced, just right – for a vacation that’s truly magical.

Read on to find out our top-5 reasons you should rent a townhouse for your next Orlando vacation.


Reason 1. More Space for Your Money

An Orlando vacation can be pricey.

Especially if the whole family is coming along.

From theme park tickets to dining out, the cost of an Orlando vacation adds up quick.

Don’t add exorbitant lodging costs to that list.

With an Orlando vacation townhome rental from ILoveVH, you can comfortably sleep the whole family, with space like a single-family home, at prices you’d expect for an apartment.


Reason 2. More Luxury per Square Foot

Extra space is a nice luxury, but from large foyers to long hallways, every bit of unused square footage is money down the drain.

But with our selection of vacation townhome rentals in Orlando, FL, you get more or what you need and less of what you don’t.

These homes make the most of what they’ve got, packing a surprising amount of luxury into their relatively compact sizes.

You’ll enjoy updated finishes and appliances, fully equipped kitchens, elegant open design, and more.

In short, with an Orlando vacation townhome rental from ILoveVH, you get more luxury per square foot!


Reason 3. Say Amen to Amenities

With a vacation townhome rental from ILoveVH, you get more than just a luxurious home.

Every one of our townhomes comes with access to luxury clubhouses with generous amenities packages.

Your family will love having unlimited access to resort-style amenities such as heated pools, lazy rivers, water slides, splash pads, state-of-the-art fitness centers, sports courts, walking trails, playgrounds, and more.

And of course, you’ll love the savings, as all amenities are included in your rental rates.


Reason 4. The Best Orlando Locations

Yet another advantage of renting a townhome for your next Orlando holiday is the chance to stay just minutes from your vacation destination.

Unlike single-family vacation home communities, which can take up hundreds of acres of space, townhomes feature smaller foundational footprints that allow them to be built closer to the action.

Not to mention, short-term-rental zoning is a lot easier to get with a townhome.

Therefore, whatever your Orlando, Florida vacation destination, ILoveVH can help you find a luxury townhome rental just minutes away.

Whether you’re visiting Disney World, Universal Studios, or the Orange County Convention Center, stay where you play – with ILoveVH.


Reason 5. Enjoy a Safer Stay

What’s the point of a family vacation? Spending quality time with family, of course.

But all too often, we parents end up trading the quality time for time spent worrying.

Because even in Orlando, the happiest place on earth, the stresses of being in an unfamiliar place can start to build, replacing fun with fretting.

But with ILoveVH, you can enjoy a worry-free vacation.

Our selection of vacation townhouse rentals in Orlando, FL give you the added safety of a gated entrance, 24/7 guards, security cameras, and more.

So don’t let fear make you miss out on a single moment.

Make more memories, and enjoy more peace of mind – with ILoveVH.


Enjoy Your Vacation: Meet The Best Things To Do In Orlando!

orlando townhome vacation rentals

Every year, around 70 million people make Orlando their vacation destination of choice.

And no wonder; because from Disney World and the other major theme parks, to smaller amusement-style parks, to a wealth of charming, kitschy one-off attractions, to unspoiled forests, wetlands, and springs, to a beautiful subtropical climate that makes it all  accessible year round, Orlando has something for everyone, in every time of year.

Our top-5 things to do in Orlando is by no means exhaustive.

But adding just one of these great attractions to your vacation plans will let you make memories to last a lifetime.


1. Visit the Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World Resort is a must-see destination for travelers from around the world.

In fact, of Orlando’s 70 million annual visitors, 60 million come for the Walt Disney World Resort alone.

And it’s easy to see why.

Because whether it’s wholesome family fun at the Magic Kingdom, movie magic at Hollywood Studios, wildlife and wild rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or human life from far-flung cultures at Epcot, the Walt Disney World Resort let’s you make vacation magic, whatever magic means to you.

Similarly, whatever luxury vacation lodging means to you, ILoveVH can help you stay your way near Disney, in the townhome, condo, single- or multi-family home of your dreams.


2. Explore Universal Orlando Resort

Our townhomes make ideal rental options for couples.

If you’re planning an adults-only couple’s trip to Orlando, be sure to check out Universal Orlando Resort for more adult-friendly fare than you’ll find at Disney.

Whether it’s state-of-the-art motion rides based on your favorite films at Universal Studios, or high-flying coasters and thrill rides from an array of pop culture properties at Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resort offers a universe of entertainment options.

Want a great way to beat the summer heat?

Universal recently added a water park to its family of attractions!

Volcano Bay boasts heart-stopping waterslides and relaxing manmade beaches in a unique Polynesian setting.

Looking for a fun, free way to spend the evening?

Between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure you’ll find Universal CityWalk.

This pedestrian entertainment complex boasts great bars and restaurants, world-class live music, and free admission!


3. SeaWorld

SeaWorld has been going through a sea change.

While the once home of Shamu still features animal shows, exhibits, and encounters, these days the focus is more on conservation and education than cheap tricks.

But where SeaWorld has really evolved is in the thrills department.

From high-tech motion simulators like Wild Arctic, to the innovative inverted “flying” coaster, Manta, to USA Today’s number-one roller coaster in the country, Mako, SeaWorld has redefined itself as one of the one of the top thrill parks in the world.

Of course, as more tourists from around the world seek out this thrill-ride mecca, nearby hotels are getting overrun.

But not to worry.

With ILoveVH, you’ll have all the space and privacy your family deserves with a luxury vacation home rental just minutes from SeaWorld.


4. Take a Stroll Down International Drive

International Drive is known, well, internationally, as a premier tourist destination in Orlando.

Cutting through the heart of the Orlando tourist district, this 11-mile strip is chock full of charming attractions, restaurants, and gift shops.

A lovely place for an evening stroll, as you make your way down I-Drive you’ll find everything from the world’s largest McDonald’s to the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, as well as an array of one-of-a-kind walkthrough attractions such as Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, WonderWorks, and Madame Tussaud’s.

Also found on I-Drive are several small-scale theme parks and entertainment complexes, including Fun Spot Orlando, Icon Park, and Old Town, and Pointe Orlando.

ILoveVH can put within walking distance of all this great entertainment, with townhome rentals and more right off of International Drive.


5. See the Spectacular Springs

Not all of Orlando’s attractions are manmade.

Central Florida is home to the world’s highest concentration of natural springs.

Like nature’s swimming pools, these limpid blue bodies of fresh water are filtered naturally through the Florida limestone, remaining clear, clean, and a cool 72-degrees, all year round.

Several of Orlando’s springs are designated as state parks.

They offer everything from hiking trails and picnic facilities, to visitors centers, sundry shops, and even bars and restaurants.

Also found at many of the state parks are canoe and kayak outposts.

Bring a camera and get ready to see Florida – including a diverse and prolific array of wildlife – as it must have looked millions of years ago.


See Other Vacation Home Rental Types

There’s more than one way to vacation in Orlando.

So why should there only be one way to stay?

If you’re tired or the same old hotel room, let ILoveVH add a little spice to your holiday life.

Our diverse inventory of rentals has a home for every vacationer.

From condos and townhomes, to 14-bedroom estate homes, and everything in between, we can help you stay your way, in a rental as unique as your needs.

But rest assured, whatever home you go with, it’s been hand-selected for quality.

Find a home as unique as your needs below!
See All The Resorts Rentals Orlando Florida


Orlando Vacation Villa Rentals

Go big or go home right?

Well, with our selection of Orlando vacation villa rentals, you can go big and good home – all while you go on vacation.
See All Orlando Vacation Villa Rentals


Luxury Vacation Rentals Orlando Florida

Close your eyes and picture a luxury home.

What do you see?

In short, whatever comes to mind when you think ‘luxury,’ ILoveVH can help you find it for rent short-term in Orlando.

From luxury townhomes and condos, to lavish single-family and estate homes, count on ILoveVH for high-end vacation rentals of all shapes and sizes.
See All Luxury Vacation Rentals Orlando Florida


Orlando Vacation Home Rentals With Private Pool

Have you considered renting a vacation home with a private pool?

If you know Florida, we’re betting you have.

And if not, you should.

Trust us, during the summer vacation season, you’re going to want it.
See All Orlando Vacation Home Rentals With Private Pool


Orlando Beach Vacation Rentals

While ILoveVH can’t help you book a home directly on the ocean, our selection of Orlando vacation rentals offer something just as special.

At just an hour from the Atlantic coast, and under two from the Gulf of Mexico, our homes boast convenient access to two beaches for the price of one!

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime beach vacation at two distinct oceans!
See All Orlando Beach Vacation Rentals


Orlando Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Boarding your dogs is expensive.

And paying a stranger to feed and walk them not only puts your dogs at risk, but your home as well.

But with ILoveVH, you don’t have to leave your best buddy behind.

We have a huge, diverse selection of pet-friendly rentals, in communities with premium pet-friendly amenities such as dog parks, conservation areas with walking paths, and more.
See All Orlando Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals


Rent Your Vacation Home By Amount Of Bedrooms

Finding the right type of home is essential.

But at the end of the day, everybody has to get a good nights sleep.

Therefore, ILoveVH makes it easy for you to rest and refresh.

Whether you need one bedroom or 14, use our custom bedroom filter to find your best nights sleep.

1 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando FL
2 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando FL
3 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
4 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
5 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
6 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida
7 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
8 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
9 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando
10 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida
12 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida
14 Bedroom Vacation Rentals In Orlando Florida


Rent Your Vacation Home Close To Where You Need It!

vacation townhome rentals orlando fl

ILoveVH can help you find vacation homes throughout the Orlando region.

Whatever sites are on your must-see list, we can help you find a great central location that puts them all at your fingertips.

Because on an Orlando theme park vacation you’ll already be spending lots of time stuck in line.

Don’t let time stuck in traffic drain any more fun from your trip!

Use these points of interest as points of reference to find the best location for your booking:

See All Vacation Rentals Near Orlando FL
See All Orlando Vacation Home Rentals Near Disney
See All Vacation Home Rentals Near Universal Studio Orlando
See All Vacation Rentals Near Seaworld Orlando
See All Vacation Rentals In Orlando Near Airport
See All Vacation Rentals Near Convention Center Orlando


Take A Look At Vacation Condo Rentals In The Best Resorts!

Unlike a hotel room, a vacation home is so much more than a place to sleep.

All ILoveVH vacation townhome rentals are located in high-end resort communities, and come with access to a wealth of great amenities.

From massive pools with lazy rivers and splash pads, to World-class golf, to hiking trails, picnic and barbecue facilities, sports courts, fishing piers, and more, these communities are practically amusement parks.

But don’t just take our word for it.

See what these amazing resorts have to offer for yourself!

See All Champions Gate Rentals
See All Solara Vacation Homes
See All Storey Lake Resort Rentals
See All Vista Cay Rental
See All Windsor At Westside Vacation Rentals
See All Reunion Resort Rentals
See All Windsor Hills Rentals
See All Solterra Resort Rentals
See All Windsor Palms Rentals
See All Paradise Palms Resort Vacation Rentals
See All Highlands Reserve Rentals
See All Bears Den Resort
See All Paradiso Grande Vacation Homes
See All Encore Kissimmee Rentals
See All Windsor Island Orlando Rentals


See All Vacation Homes For Rent In Orlando, FL!

Most popular booking websites simply rent whatever’s on the market.

But ILoveVH is different.

We’re a family-owned-and-operated, boutique booking service, offering the best of the best vacation homes in Central Florida.

We carefully curate our inventory to include only quality homes by top builders, in premier Orlando resort communities.

Therefore, to see the best of the best vacation rentals throughout Orlando, all you have to do is click on our main inventory link.
The Best Of Orlando Vacation Rentals


See The Best Orlando Vacation Townhouse Rentals And Book Now!

vacation townhome rentals orlando

So, if you’re looking for a rental that’s sized and priced just right for your next Orlando vacation, a townhome could be a perfect fit.

Count on ILoveVH to help you book it with ease, and for less.

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